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 Warning Procedures

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Warning Procedures Empty
PostSubject: Warning Procedures   Warning Procedures Icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 8:11 pm

I did not want to start this so early on in the forum life, but I am going to have to set up a system of warnings. If i feel that you have infringed on the forum rules, punishment will have to be given.

1st infraction- Will be overlooked
2nd infraction- You will recieve an email of warning, and this will be after a discussion with multiple forum members.
3rd infraction- Two week suspension of account
4th infraction- Four week suspension of account
5th infraction- Deletion of account and perma-ban from the forum, including all future usernames you set up.

This is redeemably after a certain period of time, depending on severity of infraction. This is only being put in place to stop these forums becoming a toxic zone of which people will not want to post.

People are allowed freedom of speach, but only if you comply with the forum rules.

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Warning Procedures
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