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 Gaming isnt just consoles you know? RPG

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PostSubject: Gaming isnt just consoles you know? RPG   Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:11 am

From discussions at the manga soc I had the inspiration to clarify what this section is about. Not only is this section about console gaming, but also Larping, Rping, pokemon tcg, yu gi oh, magic, in fact, anything that has a game orientation (ed, pierce and callum keep your thoughts clean) So I wanted to start off by discussing RPG. Does anyone have a favourite system? What do you like about playing? Are you a newbie and would like to try it but does not know how? Comment and start a discussion, you never know where it might lead.

I will leave you with these very bad jokes

Did you hear about the evil wizard who liked to give people hickies?
He was a neck romancer.

I am not saying that the knight is a bit dense, but everyone calls him a paladim.
Two dwarves were hunting in the woods with their crossbows.
Suddenly a beautiful, naked female elf leaps from the bushes and eyes them seductively.
"Whatcha doin? she says.
"We're hunting game." says one dwarf.
"Well I'm game." she replies.
So they shot her.

An Orcish knock-knock joke.
Who's there?
Whose there?
KNOCK-KNOCK THUD CRASH {screams of horror} GROWL SLICE THUD ROAR {death-rattle}

How many Orcs does it take to change a lightbulb?
You'll have to wait for the "Orcish Electrician" Sourcebook(tm) £49.99 to come out this winter!

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Dr Prospero

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PostSubject: Re: Gaming isnt just consoles you know? RPG   Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:47 pm

Well if you mean paper and dice rpgs then you cant ignore Dungeons and Dragons, thats the one that most people know by name and the one ive played the most, ive also heard good things about the Warhammer 40k deathwatch as being a really good system.

The other type of RPGs that cannot be ignored are the online games, there is an online RGP that i LOVE called urban dead,, basically an online zombie role play where you are dropped into the city of malton which has been quarantined, the good thing about this roleplay is that evey person human and zombie are really people, there are no NPC's. They also have a game mechanic that allows you to go from human to zombie to human many times, the hardest time people will have with this game is when they are in the low levels, its a struggle but if you keep at it, it will get easier as you learn the ropes. Also when playing the game it will be a good idea to have the urban dead wiki that will provide vital information during game play. If people want more info (or need help) just ask


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Dr Prospero

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PostSubject: Other games   Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:00 am

ok first off, groan + face palm at Bens absoultly cringeworthy jokes,
secondly there are sooo many games out there that people should try to play, ninja burger is one, muchkin is another (do you see what im doing Ben), and there are many other games that are avaible out there, and thats not including things like the pokemon and yugioh trading card games (another shamless plug) that im sure i woud be happy to supply for yugioh at least.

and as for larping, we have two such larps going on right now, assassin and liar game, and im eager to get people talking about Humans vs Zombies (any questions just ask), its really fun to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaming isnt just consoles you know? RPG   

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Gaming isnt just consoles you know? RPG
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