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 Album review - Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever

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PostSubject: Album review - Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever   Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:33 am

This album is a masterpiece, Bodom seem to have gone back to the sound of Hate Crew Deathroll if you know the album. It has powerful guitar riffs, facemelting solos and beautiful keyboard instrumentals. It is everything a melodeath album should be. The single from the album - Was it Worth It?, is not a typical Bodom song but it is a song you can party to

The lyrics to the song Pussyfoot Miss Suicide are explained in Alexi's words as: "I've been involved with stupid chicks who were trying to get attention by being, 'Oh, I'm so fucking depressed. I'm gonna slit my wrists with a cheese grater...' And it's so fucking boring, like, 'Just let it go. You're really not gonna do it, anyway.' It's kind of harsh, but it's fuckin' black humor."

My personal favourite song from the album is "Cry of the Nihilist", the song opens with a very much in your face, powerful riff, then the keyboards come in with an amazing backing tune, finlly you get Alexi's voice again in your face and powerful "Don't care have faith or mindset, Plunder and pillage yet, complain whine and cry like a baby, Ain't so tough after all!"

All in all I cannot fault this album so I am going to give this \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ (5 horns) and a huge recommendation to get it

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Album review - Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever
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