People in Hampshire who want to meet up to watch Anime and read Manga and have fun!
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 Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries

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Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries Empty
PostSubject: Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries   Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 12:58 am

I figured creating a thread before the event would be a good idea to sort out things like hotels and travel and such. Below Are current people who have paid and still awaiting payment according to minamicon. Also if you don't know about minamicon and want to look it up below is some history and a link.

Still awaiting payment

-Adam Carter (Legendeer)
-Aimie Merrett (Meraii)
-Samantha Matthews (Sam)
-Tim Coutts (Tim)

-Ben Jefferis (Ero-Sennin)
-Edmund Scrivens (Drahauk)
-Eve Woodman (Randomistic)
-Gemma Roberts (Yuki)
-Graham Day (Kisho)
-Matthew Allenby (Dr Prospero)
-Michael Scott (Adrir)
-Olivia Papics (Legal Alien )
-Pierce Drew (Season Reaper)
-Richard Bowen (Hat-Man)
-Tiffany Cox (Fierla)
-Victoria Noice (Tori )

Mark Cleaver & Sean Meadows, with the desire to promote the cuter side of anime founded Minami Con in February 1995. Unfortunately, at that time only, the violent & tentacle anime seemed to be making its way to our shores. Something had to be done! Our first Con took place on Sunday, 21st July 1995 at the Hilton Hotel in Portsmouth. Our guest of honour was Helen McCarthy and over 100 cute-starved fans attended. We shockingly broke even and had enough money to put down a deposit for the next convention ^_^

Minami Con 2 took place again at the Hilton but we were getting more popular and the Hilton was beginning to get rather full. Even the air conditioning realised this and broke down due to the hordes of cute fanatics packing us out ^_^

It was therefore decided to look for a new venue and to expand the Con to a 2-day event. After frenzied searching, the Novotel in conjunction with the Ibis gave us a new home in Southampton. Our new venue was a great success and we broke the 200 mark of attendees.

For our fourth Con, we expanded to a 3 day event and have followed this formula ever since. However, after this Con, Sean and other Minami Anime committee members who had been running the Con decided they could no longer devote their time to the event. This just left Mark and the Con nearly vanished, until at the last minute it was saved when the London Anime Club decided to join forces with Minami Anime and jointly run the Con.

Since then, the Con has been organised by both clubs and continues to be an outstanding success. These days we easily fill the 350-person capacity of our venue and unfortunately we have had to turn prospective attendees away. In the case of Minami Con 9, we sold out 4 months before the Con.

In 2004, Minami Con was totally revamped for the 10th anniversary celebration and was a huge success with plenty of new events being introduced. For the past few years, Minami Con has continued to experiment with the events and the committee has worked hard to ensure that no one Minami Con experience is the same as the last.

In 2009, we held our big 15th anniversary bash. Thanks to everyone, we had successfully raised a substantial amount of money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of our former treasurer, Ewan Chrystal.

We are now looking forward to our 17th Minami Con and hope that you can join us in 2011.
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Halo Girl

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Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries Empty
PostSubject: Re: Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries   Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries Icon_minitimeWed Mar 09, 2011 11:06 pm

I emailed Minami about what time to collect badges and what not because I needed to know for the sake of Mike. So thought it would also be a good idea to let everyone going know. So here's the reply I got:

OK, we open registration on Friday at 12:00. That will run in the hotel foyer until the party starts at 19:00, when we move it to outside the party area, down the corridor. It stays there until end of party time, when we move it to Operations (Ops) on the 5th floor. It stays there till Ops closes.

On Saturday we take a decision based on how many people have still to arrive. These days there tend not to be that many so we stay in Ops. If there are more than about 50 we will run form the hotel foyer again.

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Minamicon 17 18th - 20th March - Mmmmm Schoolgirl Faries
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